For the final project you can also design a program to do whatever you like! Before you get started you must have your idea approved by your section leader! Think of a few, in case one is too hard or too easy.

Common Questions About the Final Project

What kind of program can I create for the final project?

It can be anything! It could be a console program, a game using graphics, art, a simulation, an interactive art program, or more. But your final project idea must be approved by your Section Leader. This ensures that your idea is appropriate in difficulty and something that you can finish during the class.

Can I modify a project we have already done, such as breakout, and use that as my final project?

In some cases this is fine, but the modifications must be significant and change the overall program in large ways. We want your final project to be a substantial amount of your own work, so for instance taking breakout and adding a few smaller extensions isn't the best fit for your final project. If you have any questions, please ask your Section Leader.

Can I search online for code to help me with my project? Can I ask a friend for code to help me with my project?

NO. You may not copy code from online, from someone else, or from any other source, to use in your final project. Your final project should be your own individual work. If you have questions or issues while working, please ask the course staff, we are here to help!

I know other libraries in Python that we have not learned about in CS Bridge, can I use those?

It's generally fine to use additional built-in python libraries if you'd like, such as time, math, etc. But for larger libraries made by others that you must download (like game engines), please ask your Section Leader first. The primary goal of the final project is to show what you have learned in CS Bridge.

Can I make a Karel program for my final project?

Karel can be great fun, but for the final project we want you to focus on topics we have learned after Karel the robot. If you'd like to make a program inspired by Karel, though (such as a graphical program), go for it!

How big should my final project be?

There is no specific requirement for the size of the final project - it can vary depending on your idea! But, our goal is that it will be perhaps similar to or a little smaller than breakout. We are working on the final project for roughly the same amount of time as breakout, but the final project is slightly more open-ended.

How does the final project impact the course certificates?

You need to complete a final project approved by your section leader in order to receive a certificate in the course. It's ok if you don't quite have time to finish - we want you to do the best you can to work on an original idea and show all that you have learned in CS Bridge!